Adopt-a-service member Update May 2020


The last box I sent to a deployed service member went out the first week of March. I received a notice that all mail was suspended because of the corona virus. The notice went on to say that most service personnel were confined to bases in addition to losing correspondence through mail. The chaplains asked for prayers for the men and women. Some had access to the internet to contact family. Those in remote areas were isolated in a new way. A chaplain in Saudi just had a relaxation in restrictions. However, since my husband and I are in the “senior” age group, our sons have requested we restrict our movements. Until things get better, I will hold off shopping and post office visits. Many of you from previous wars know the feeling of lack of mail from home. We hold all these deployed service personnel in our hearts and prayers. It’s the best we can do for them.

Dorothy Williams,, 616-423-7017

ROTC Update May 2020

ROTC Update May 2020

LTC Collins, USA (Ret.) attended the OSU AFROTC Spring Awards Ceremony on 22 February at Villa Milano where we presented our first MOAA COC Foundation ROTC Scholarship Check to Cadet Alexander Creek.

The OSU AROTC Spring Awards Ceremony scheduled for 19 March was cancelled. In lieu of the Ceremony we presented a MOAA ROTC Certificate, Certificate Folder, Medal, Medal Pouch and MOAA COC Foundation Check to the AROTC Detachment for forwarding to Cadet Tim Gerholdt.

The Capital University AROTC Spring Awards Ceremony scheduled for 16 April has been cancelled. In lieu of the Ceremony we presented a MOAA ROTC Certificate, Certificate Folder, Medal, Medal Pouch and MOAA COC Foundation Check to the AROTC Detachment for forwarding to Cadet LeKeyta Williams.

The OSU NROTC Spring Awards Ceremony scheduled for 17 April has been cancelled. In lieu of the Ceremony we presented a MOAA ROTC Certificate, Certificate Folder, Medal, Medal Pouch and MOAA COC Foundation Check to the NROTC Detachment for forwarding Midshipmen 2nd/Class Wade Boardman.

Both the Ohio University AROTC and AFROTC Spring Awards Ceremonies have been cancelled. In lieu of these Ceremonies we have forwarded a MOAA Certificate, Certificate Folder, Medal and Medal Pouch to the respective PMS and PAS for forwarding to their selected MOAA Award Recipients. AFROTC Cadet Thomas A. Pitts has been selected to receive the MOAA Award by Lt Col Layla Sweet, USAF, PAS at Ohio University.

Eight JROTC Unit Senior Instructors have been mailed MOAA JROTC Certificates, Certificate Folders, Medals and Medal Pouches to present to a Cadet or Midshipmen selected by each JROTC Unit Senior Instructor. The eight JROTC Units include three AJROTC Units, two AFJROTC Units and three NJROTC Units. Award Ceremonies scheduled for May remain questionable.

Adopt-a-service-member April 2020

April 2020

It’s Girl Scout cookie time again and our deployed troops will not be left out. Thanks to board member Craig Harris and his wife Eleanor, 40 assorted boxes were sent to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Niger. What could be better than receiving one of these boxes! Requests are still coming in for coffee, so a box was sent to Iraq, and a box filled with tooth paste and toothbrushes was sent to Afghanistan as requested. All of the dental supplies came from my retired teacher friends. Remember that song, “We get by with a little help from our friends”? Those teachers and MOAA members are the friends our deployed troops count on when they are in remote places with little “home” supplies. Perhaps you recall that the Air Force in Niger was requesting Beanie Babies for the orphanage they support. At the last Board meeting, Nancy Rey gave me about 15 more Beanie Babies to send to them.

There are at least 25 Chaplains that send request emails every month. The requests are not for luxury items, just basis supplies. Thank you for making this all possible. Bring an item to donate to the luncheon or put an extra dollar in the pot for deployed troops. Dorothy Williams,





ROTC Update – The Ohio State University and Capital University Spring
Awards Ceremonies

On 22 February, LTC Jeff Collins, USA, (Ret.) attended The Ohio State  University AFROTC Spring Awards Ceremony at Villa Milano. During the Ceremony LTC Collins presented our first MOAA COC Foundation
ROTC Scholarship Check to Cadet Alexander Creek for his outstanding
Leadership in the Classroom and during Training Opportunities as selected by the AFROTC Professor of Aerospace Studies and the OSU AFROTC Cadre.

On 19 March, Colonel Tom Roberson, USA, (Ret.), LTC William Radcliffe, USA, (Ret.) and LTC Jeff Collins will attend The Ohio State University AFROTC Spring Awards
Ceremony at the Fawcett Center. During this Ceremony, LTC Radcliffe will present
our second MOAA COC Foundation Scholarship Check to another outstanding Future Leader as selected by the OSUAFROTC Professor of Military Science and the OSU
AROTC Professor of Military Science and the OSU AROTC Cadre.

(Please note that the Ohio State University AROTC Awards Ceremony has now been cancelled due to the ongoing virus concerns.)

On 16 April, Major Paul Matthews, USMC, (Ret.) will attend the Capital University AROTC Spring Awards Ceremony at the Huntington Recital Hall. During this Ceremony, Major Matthews will present our third MOAA COC Foundation Scholarship Check to another outstanding Future Leader as selected by the Capital University Professor of Military Science
and the Capital University AROTC Cadre.

On 17 April CAPTAIN Bill Tate, USN, (Ret.) and LTC Jeff Collins will attend The Ohio State University NROTC Spring Awards Ceremony at the Fawcett Center. CAPTAIN
Tate will present our fourth MOAA COC Foundation Scholarship Check to an  outstanding Midshipmen and Future Leader as selected by the OSU NROTC
Professor of Naval Studies and the OSU NROTC Cadre.

The MOAA COC Foundation and Chapter Members Congratulate each of these outstanding Future Leaders as selected by their respective Professor of Aerospace Studies, Professor of Military Science and Professor of Naval Studies.

Each MOAA Central Ohio Chapter Member can help support our Ohio State University and Capital University Cadets and Midshipmen Future Leaders with a contribution to our MOAA COC Foundation. These Future Leaders need our financial help and support.

Please contribute to the MOAA COC Foundation and mail your check to PO Box 361632, Columbus, Ohio 43236-1632. If you prefer go to to use your credit card or PayPal. Please indicate “ROTC Scholarship” on your check.

Thank you for your support of these outstanding ROTC Programs, the Cadets and the Midshipmen.

Adopt-a-Service Member March 2020


Last week I got a notice to suspend all packages to Iraq. A ban I received 2 weeks ago was lifted, and this new one was just put in place.

I just sent a box filled with 150 K-cups to Chaplain Verdin in Afghanistan. Last month, LT Mounts in Kuwait was sent a box filled with cup-of-noodles and ramen noodles. These boxes filled requests made from the troops. CPT Verdura and her unit are in Niger. Supporting schools is their area of responsibility. She asked for Beanie Babies. I went online, but they are priced at “collectable” rates. Instead, I found “look-a-likes” at Dollar Store and GoodWill. Forty-five animals were sent to CAPT Verdura. A box filled with toothpaste and toothbrushes that were requested by Chaplain Calvert in Afghanistan, was also send out in January. My book club of teacher friends donated over 65 items.

Chaplain Schneider in Afghanistan, is being rotated out of the area. He sent our boxes to 8 different units, some to the most distant regions. I will get a new contact later this month.

One note I wish to share from LT Mounts:

Thank you so much! I have been extremely busy and haven’t been able to answer the AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING amount of support y’all have shown us. I want everyone to know that our guys are safe and staying strong. We are spread out all over now and worked to get everyone their gifts and treats. I owe everyone a million thank yous!

I hope you realize how much this program means to service personnel so far from home. You are Veterans, so I’m sure you have a better understanding than I do.
But every request pulls on my heart strings. Thank you so much.

Dorothy Williams,

ROTC Update March 2020


ROTC Update

Representatives from the MOAA Central Ohio Chapter will be attending upcoming Spring Awards Ceremonies, Military Balls and Commissioning Ceremonies for the AROTC, AFROTC and NROTC Detachments at The Ohio State University and Capital University. During each of the Spring Awards Ceremonies Representatives from MOAA COC will present a Scholarship Check from the MOAA COC Foundationto a Cadet and Midshipmen from each ROTC Detachment. Each recipient was selected by their respective Professor of Military Science, Professor of Aerospace Studies and Professor of Naval Science and the Cadre based on the Recipient’s Leadership in the Classroom and during Training Opportunities. Each selected Cadet and Midshipmen will be presented a MOAA Certificate and Medal along with a Check from the MOAA COC Foundation for their demonstrated Leadership

The MOAA COC Foundation will also be presenting a JROTC MOAA Certificate and Medal to a JROTC Cadet or Midshipmen from eight of our local JROTC Units. This includes three AJROTC, two AFJROTC and three NJROTC Units. Each JROTC Recipient was selected by their Senior JROTC Instructor based on their Leadership in the Classroom and during Training Opportunities.

The MOAA Central Ohio Chapter Executive Board and Membership Congratulates each ROTC and JROTC Cadet or Midshipmen being recognized this Spring for their Leadership in their ROTC and JROTC Program. We wish all of the Cadets and Midshipmen continued success in their Classes and Career.

A special Congratulations to all of our Cadets and Midshipmen from the outstanding ROTC Programs at The Ohio State University and Capital University who are being Commissioned this Spring. Best of success in your next assignment!

If you wish to assist the MOAA COC Foundation in providing future Scholarship Funds to our future Leaders please submit a tax deductible contribution to the MOAA COC Foundation at P.O. Box 361632, Columbus, Ohio 43236-1632. The MOAA COC Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) approved Foundation. Please specify on your check that your contribution is for “ROTC Scholarships” for our future Leaders.

Thank you for your consideration and contribution

Jeff Collins LTC USA Ret

February 2020 Adopt-a-Service Member Update

February 2020 Update

With all the unrest in the Middle East, I received a notice to suspend sending boxes. Within two days of that notice, a Chaplain in Kuwait asked for boxes of goods he could distribute to units in distant places.  Many of these deployed personnel are not near any facilities where they could obtain necessary supplies. The Chaplain told of traveling to remote spots and distributing supplies.  Two boxes were sent to CH Doug Windley. One box was full of protein bars and snacks, and the other box had toiletries.

Every month I get 20 names mostly from Chaplains in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Poland, and United Arab Emirates. We’ll pray for them. And I’ll send boxes for you. Dorothy Williams,


February 2020 ROTC Update

ROTC Update

Our ROTC Liaisons, LTC Jeff Collins, USA (Ret.), Major Paul Matthews, USMC (Ret.) and Captain Mark Lux, USA (Ret.) are currently working with the ROTC Leadership Team at The Ohio State University AROTC, AFROTC and NROTC Detachments and the AROTC Detachment at Capital University to schedule representation from our Chapter at each ROTC Detachment’s Spring Awards Ceremony, Military Ball and Commissioning Ceremony. CAPTAIN Bill Tate, USN (Ret.) and LTC Collins are working with CDR Dustin Martin, USN, (Ret.), JROTC Senior Naval Science Instructor at Grove City High School on the restart of our Partnership Program with local JROTC Units. LTC Collins is in discussions with each of The Ohio State University ROTC Alumni Associations Presidents on our MOAA COC Foundation and how OSU ROTC Alumni can assist Cadets and Midshipmen “Leaders in Need”. Our goal is to provide additional Scholarship Funding to Cadets and Midshipmen who demonstrate outstanding leadership in both Classroom and Training Opportunities.

Jeff Collins, LTC USA (RET)


January 2020 ROTC Update



LTC Jeff Collins, USA, (Ret.), VP – Programs and MOAA COC ROTC Liaison has reached out to each of The Ohio State University AROTC, AFROTC and NROTC Alumni Association Presidents highlighting our MOAA COC Foundation goal to provide Scholarship Funding to Cadets and Midshipmen “Leaders in Need” at The Ohio State University and Capital University. Our objective is to further reach out to all The Ohio State University and Capital University ROTC Alumni to solicit their individual and business support in providing Scholarship Funds to these “Future Leaders”.

This is one of several Programs the MOAA COC Foundation is supporting to assist our Veterans and Future Leaders. Our goal is to provide a Cadet and Midshipmen from each of the four ROTC Detachments, (AROTC, AFROTC and NROTC at The Ohio State University and AROTC at Capital University) Scholarship Funding at each Detachment’s upcoming Spring Awards Ceremony. Selection of the Scholarship Recipient will be determined by the respective PMS, PAS and PNS at each University based on Need and Leadership in the Classroom and during Training Opportunities.. ROTC Alumni, Friends and Businesses can now provide tax-deductible funding through the MOAA COC 501(c)(3) Foundation.

Checks should be made out to MOAA-COC-Foundation and mailed to PO Box 361632, Columbus, Ohio 43236-1632 or you can go on-line to to use a credit card or PayPal. Your payment should designate “ROTC Scholarship” in the memo line of your check or credit card payment if you desire your donation to be used for Scholarship Funding for a ROTC Future Leader at The Ohio State University or Capital University. Other Programs supported by our MOAA COC Foundation are available for review at

Thank you for your support of our Future Leaders from our outstanding ROTC Programs at The Ohio State University and Capital University.

Jeff Collins, LTC USANG  9 RET)


January 2020 Adopt-a-Servicemember Update



A little bit of history…..Adopt A Service Person was started over 10 years ago. When I retired from teaching and became active in MOAA, I was present at a MOAA meeting in DC where we each put together a box to send to a deployed person. Our project was thus born, and soon our Central Ohio Department was sending monthly boxes. Friends, churches, and strangers were giving me names of family members and neighbors who were deployed in harm’s way.  Most of my names today come from a source in South Carolina, and all are verified.

At least 2 boxes go out a month, and the postage is $18.75 for each box.  The boxes are filled with items that are requested and are usually sent to chaplains. The chief request in the food line is for high protein bars. That means at least 10 grams of protein.  Packages of nuts, coffee, hot cereal, and beef jerky also are requested.  Toiletries, books, puzzles, and all sorts of holiday decorations are also sent.  What they especially like are drawings and notes from children to hang on walls.

I’ve gotten requests for plastic containers because of rodent problems, blankets because of cold nights, and insect repellant because of mosquitoes and bugs. Many of these requests come from troops in very remote areas and they have no access to Exchanges.

Sometimes I get an email telling me of their gratitude.  One was from an air mechanic who spent at least 15 hours working on the planes and ate the nut packages we sent for his lunch and dinner.  Another note came from a Chaplain who took the protein bars to remote locations in Iraq.  One Chaplain requested cigars for his weekly Bible study.  Every reply I get, speaks of the feeling that the troops are not forgotten. Emails tell of “ just doing our part”, “keeping American safe”, and “we are proud to serve”.

I hope we continue to do this….as the saying goes, “till they all come home.”

Dorothy Williams,